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guncho: banish victim to another plane of existence (Enchanter; 1983; Infocom)

What is it?

Guncho is an online system for multiplayer interactive fiction based on Inform 7.

Any Guncho user can create realms and make them available for other people to play. What kind of realm you make is up to you: make an open world where any number of players can wander around or go on quests, or plot out a story where players can act out the roles of the lead characters. This new medium blends the shared experience of a MUD with the narrative tools of traditional interactive fiction, and there's plenty of room to experiment with styles that haven't been tried before.

Realms can link to each other, forming a patchwork quilt of different areas by different authors. This is good for giving your realm a place in the world, but it has other uses too: you might collaborate with other authors to make a multi-episode game, for example.

Guncho has two parts:

How do I join?

First, create an account by visiting the Guncho control panel.

Then, use a MUD client or telnet program to connect to the server game.guncho.com on port 4108. Here are a few popular MUD clients:

Follow the program's instructions to connect to the server name and port number listed above.

We recommend downloading a MUD client for the best experience, but you can also click here to play in your browser!

Once you're connected, use the name and password you created earlier to log in by typing connect <name> <password>.

OK, now what?

For more information on what you can do with Guncho and how, see GunchoWiki.